There has got to be more to life than this.

I feel so trapped. I don't have to have a job that I love, I know better. I just want a job that I give a shit about.

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I'm having the same kinds of feelings. I give a shit about one of my jobs way more than the other. The difference in work environment is striking: one place is extremely supportive, the other nasty and toxic.

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Get in touch with me when you can, I think we're still doing interviews at my company because we have several more batches of loans coming back to us this year. Those are loans that were serviced by another company and now we are servicing them again. We just took in a slice of 23,000 loans and now we're anticipating another slice of 54,000. Not to mention the numerous slices we will be doing all year until we get all our loans back from the third party servicer. I can give you the info whenever you want it.



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