I have an idea. Its a baby idea, but it seems to be growing and developing speech capabilities.

I have been a relatively regular attendee at Anthrocon for a few years now, and as much as I enjoy the convention, its always a debate of whether the expense and the time off from work is worth it. Not only am I spending money to attend, that time off represents money I'm not making.

But what if I could make money at the convention? I spend a great deal of time just wandering and not doing anything constructive anyway, so why not?

Here is my idea, and any opinions from you all would be appreciated.

I'm thinking that I try to get a table in the Artist's Alley for at least one, maybe two days of the con. At said table, I will offer ear hats, headbands, maybe tails, and various costuming accessories (gloves/armwarmers etc) as well as take orders for custom work, all crocheted by me.

If it goes well, maybe I could consider building upon this at a later date.

One major glitch: if I decide to do this, I need a room to stay in.

Thoughts? Anyone? Beuller?



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