Im thinking of taking a page from the lovely ladies at Feministing
and posting a reader on a semi weekly basis of articles that i find particularly relevant and worth a read. It will also help me keep track of articles and events that i want to discuss and write about.

so without further ado...
Dori's Current Events READER (also, any suggestions for a good title for this would be appreciated, as i seem to be completely lacking in creativity today)

Not So Good News First:

--Pentagon Drops Post in Pakistan for Top General: displays another example of our government not paying attention to the attitudes of other countries in regards to us. Essentially, they wanted to appoint Maj. Gen. Jay W. Hood as their senior military official in Pakistan despite his past of overseeing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and the anti American sentiment that has been fed by detainees who have been released from GTMO and have detailed their treatment there.

--On a related note, Bomber’s Final Messages Exhort Fighters Against U.S.: discusses the cases of released detainees to use their detention as a springboard for radicalism, possibly another good discussion about how we contribute to the very attitudes that our current leadership would like us to believe we are combating.

--A day late, but hopefully still worthwhile, I have a few articles on the 60 year anniversary of the founding of Israel, some opinions, an arab perspective and some discussions of racism in Israel and Israeli policy toward Israeli Arabs. As well as an article about health concerns with regards to childbirth in Gaza due to the Israeli blockades.

--Yes, Lebanon is going to hell in a handbasket.

--Iran Says April 12 Blast at Shiraz Mosque Was Terrorism: I included this because I was struck by the unacknowledged similarities between the statements and beliefs of our government and the Iranian government. It also leads to this, a review of a book discussing how "terrorism" evolves based on the structure of the nation-states that it opposes.

--This introduces the discussion of detaining illegal immigrants in the US and the lack of accountability for their treatment while in detention.

--I am firm in my position that a heavily militarized culture leads to not just a loss of life, but to further issues closer to home. Case in point: the Faces of the Dead, an interactive multimedia presentation of soldiers lost in these current conflicts, and the faces and cases of the War Torn, veterans who are not only victims but perpetrators, veterans who have committed or been charged with violent crimes after their tour(s) of duty.

--A man in Jordan was sentenced with 10 years in prison for stabbing his sister to death for the sake of "honor." He was originally sentenced to death, but was given ten years when his family dropped the charges against him. Before anyone jumps to the easy conclusion, about how horrible this is, let me point a few things out: 1. the fact that this went to trial at all is unusual and verging on miraculous, 2. the fact that he originally was sentenced to death was also incredibly radical even for Jordan, where "honor" killings are often considered justifiable homicide. No, this ruling does not go far enough, but for the region and for the crime, it goes farther than almost any other court ruling in the last 5 years. its progress, not happy progress but progress nonetheless.

On A Happier Note:

--The deportation trial of a Palestinian Imam is bringing together groups across boundaries in Newark.

--The Muslim Students Association, which used to be small secluded groups for strict male practitioners of Islam, have become more inclusive and open to the idea that different people will have their own interpretations of Islam. In the same vein, Imam Hassan Qazwini, who lives in america, has written hs own book about integrating Islam with being American.

--A book reveiw of ISLAMOPHOBIA: Making Muslims the Enemy by Peter Gottschalk and Gabriel Greenberg. The book discusses the presentation of Muslims through political cartoons and discusses the impact off these cartoons on public perspective of Muslims and Arabs.

--and the best for last! the first article tells the story of young muslim filmakers using youtube to change the face of Islam. The second is about a documentary set in norther Israel that focusses on a school for both Jewish and Arab children, where the classes are bilingual and the children know each other as people instead of enemies. gives me some hope!




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