( Jul. 17th, 2006 03:30 pm)
Americans have no identity.
we have no culture.
we have been seduced by the need to sanitize all that is real out of our lives, smells, bodily functions, where our food comes from.
we dont experience life, we watch tv and let those fantasy characters experience it for us. we live vicariously through a collection of tubes and wires. instead of going out and doing something, we watch "reality" tv!!!
we are told from a very young age that in order to be a person who is good/loved/wanted/needed we need to buy these products which will help us reduce the smells that our body produces, take away the hair that grows on us, and make us as close to mannequins as possible. no one will love you if you look how a human actually looks! there is a hate of ourselves. we dont want to admit to being human.
we think ourselves as equal to or above god/s by taming nature and bending it to our will instead of living within it as the functioning part of a unit that we are. we think our ability to build something that is biggest/faster/uglier/(and most importantly)NEW gives us the right to strut around as if we own the planet.

news flash dipshits!
the planet owns us! we are only here because it is. we are dependent on nature and the planet wether you like it or not. there are things that are bigger than you. get over yourself and start taking care of your mother. what does it matter if you have hair on your legs? what does it matter that when you sweat, you smell different? why is it disgusting? its what happens!!! DEAL WITH IT!!

i hate people.




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