Open Letter to Senator Obama.

Dear sir,

Recently the Department of Health and Human Services has produced proposed regulations to prevent health care providers from “discriminating” against those health workers who refuse to issue certain standards of care by refusing to hire or disciplining them for not doing their job based on a “strong moral conviction” to not participate in anything that the individual workers deem as abortifacient regardless of medical fact. These regulations would not only make it illegal for health care providers receiving federal funds to insist that their employees do their jobs and make it so that the refusing healthcare professionals are given legal license to discriminate against patients based on sex, perceived gender, and supposed violations of their personal ethics, but would expand the definition of abortion to include some things that are clearly, scientifically not abortions, such as IUDs, certain types of hormonal birth control, and emergency contraception.

I would like to start with a quick logic/biology lesson. IUDs, hormonal birth control, and emergency contraception all fall under the technical heading of “contraception” which, by definition, prevents conception. The argument of when life begins (at conception, implantation, first movement felt in utero by the mother etc) is moot here because these methods prevent conception altogether. Abortion, by definition, requires conception to occur. Therefore, this set of regulations is conflating the prevention of pregnancy with the termination of pregnancy. This flies in the face of basic logic and biological/medical fact, unless American legislators would like to start declaring that each human ova is merely a person who is “pre-conception,” in which case every menses is akin to manslaughter. Even declaring that life begins at conception is problematic due to the fact that 60 to 80% of conceived zygotes are flushed from the body during menses, contraception or no.

I would also like to point out that contraception is prescribed for many things beyond simply preventing unwanted pregnancy, including endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, both conditions that cause a great deal of pain and can lead to infertility as well as increase risks of certain cancers in women. Hormonal birth control alleviates many of the symptoms and can be prescribed as part of treatment for these conditions.

On to the original point of why I am writing this letter to you, Senator. Already your former opponent for the Democratic Presidential nomination has spoken out against these regulations as unduly and dangerously restrictive not only of women’s rights to proper healthcare, but to their rights to determine what to do with their own bodies. As a woman who voted for you in my state’s primary, I would like to respectfully ask: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? Why are you letting down the women who voted for you, the women who believed that you saw them as people? It seems that you are resting on your laurels as far as the concerns of the basic health and welfare of the women in this country because you have already presumably secured the nomination. Since you no longer have to compete for us with one of our own, we no longer make a difference to your campaign. Do you expect us to vote for you simply because the alternative is John McCain who thinks that women don’t matter at all? Are you going to expect us to take the crumbs you hand us and be grateful for the privilege of even being addressed? What about our strong moral conviction that we should be able to make medical choices that are actually to our benefit?

I am sorry sir, but your record thus far in this election with regards to me and other women in this country and our rights is spiraling the drain and spiraling fast. I am disappointed in you sir, and I am beginning to regret voting for you in the first place. This situation with the DHHS regulations is your chance to redeem yourself somewhat from your ridiculous “late term abortion” faux pas and actually prove that you see us and acknowledge us as being more than incubators. I really hope to hear more from you that the form letters that other concerned citizens have received from you regarding this issue.

I really hope that you don’t disappoint me again sir, or I may just give you the finger and vote Green come November.

One of your supporters with ovaries
As some of you may (or may not considering how this is being treated as a non-story) know, Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) read articles of impeachment against President Bush last night and it was broadcast on C-SPAN. Kucinich has done this before with VP Cheney. Yes, I know that this is technically grandstanding, yes i am well aware that the likelyhood of this having enough support to go anywhere is highly unlikely. I also am aware of the potential power of spreading information and response from the public, which is why I have posted below the articles and links for your edification and action.

there is more information here and here. first link contains links to a video as well as the original of the below list, and the second to two articles.

Before you read any further, please read and understand the following:

I did not post this for the purpose of debate or discussion. you are welcome to have your opinion and your stance, i am also welcome to respectfully ask that any thoughts of "convincing" me that you are more right in regards to this particular event be saved for later and not be asked or posted here. You may comment, but if it is a comment intended to start debate or discussion it will be frozen. Im sorry, but im just not dealing with that right now and i thought it fair to warn ahead of time :)

Article 1: Illegal secret domestic propaganda campaign for the purposes of fomenting war against Iraq.

Article 2: Through the use of proxies, intentional conflation of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks with the government of Iraq in order to promote a war of aggression against Iraq. Campaign under his direction and control, executed through the the Office of the Vice-President and agencies of the Vice-President.

Article 3: Lying to Congress and the American people about the state of Iraq's capabilities for production and utilisation of weapons of mass destruction.

Article 4: Knowingly making a false case to Congress and the American people about the level of threat to the United States posed by Iraq in order to justify a war of aggression against Iraq.

Article 5: Illegal spending of funds (US$2B) to build support for and initiate a war against Iraq, including the building of unauthorised military bases in Qatar.

Article 6: Invasion of Iraq in violation of the terms of HJR 114 (authorisation of utilisation of force against Al Qaeda); providing false statements to Congress about Al Qaeda in Iraq; key here seems to be the fact that Al Qaeda wasn't operating in Iraq, therefore the use of HJR 114 to justify an invasion of Iraq was illegal.

Article 7: Invading Iraq without a Congressional declaration of war.

Article 8: Illegal invasion of Iraq as an act of aggressive war in violation of US treaty (via the UN charter).

Article 9: Inadequate provisioning of troops - body armor, vehicle armor, all that. No meat here.

Article 10: Falsification of reports to Congress and the American people about troop deaths and injuries for political purposes - in short, more illegal domestic propaganda. Tillman, Lynch highlighted.

There are 25 more under here )

feel free to spread this, in fact, spread it as far and as wide as you can. also, i recommend contacting your elected representatives if you want to see this action go any further
( Apr. 22nd, 2008 07:16 pm)

obviously I voted today. I felt different than I usually do, and it wasnt until I read my friend [ profile] baerana's post on the same subject that i was really able to figure out how i was feeling.

I have felt good voting before, like in 04' when i truly believed that we would be seeing the end of the Bush nightmare. This time i not only felt good, i felt proud, and significant. I was acutely aware of how this was a monumental election, quite possibly one of the more historical domestic events to happen in my life. for once i dont feel like i was voting for the lesser of two evils, voting for the candidate that is still an asshole, and is just less of an asshole in areas that effect me directly than the other guy. For once i was voting for someone that i truly believe in, someone that i support and would LOVE to see as the president.

Thinking about this did bring up another, more personal thought process.

I tend to range between cynic and idealist in my opinions, but my default setting is generally idealist. I choose to believe that the universe is a balance of positive and negative, and your own experience of it is dictated by the things you choose to focus on. I CHOOSE (and am very concious that i do so) to focus on the positive or at the very least to hope that things can improve.

I wonder why so many people feel a need to challenge my decision to have hope. Is it because misery loves company? I encounter, on a regular basis, people that go out of their way to attempt to disabuse me of my idealism, and act as though they are doing me a favor by doing so. as if they are "saving me from myself" (red flag!!!!) by revealing how silly it is to care or to hope.

A note to those who feel a driving need to do these things

1st: if you(editorial "you") think you need to "save me from myself" then i only really need to be saved from you

2nd: who exactly does it hurt for me to have hope? if it hurts you, then that is your problem and not mine. if you think that you need to "tell me what its really like" dont bother.

3rd: Dont assume that because i am hopeful, that i am uneducated, or unaware. I AM aware, and i have made the choice to think this way. you only bitch about my "rose-colored glasses" because you are not happy with your storm-cloud colored ones.

Just remember:
"'cause I'm not going to pretend
that I don't pick my nose
that's just the way it is, my friends
that's just the way it goes
this is who I am
what I do
and what I say
if you like it, let it be
if you don't, please do the same




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