Welcome denizens of the Den of Various Iniquities!

Welcome to The Most Pointless Day of Employment EVAH!

You will see empty concourses, and vacant gates. The speakers are silent, the bar is abandoned, every person you see will have a badge! The day drags on, the snow keeps falling, and the terminal remains empty and practically lifeless.

Welcome to pointlessness in action.

Would you argue the point?


Not on a bet.

It never entered my mind.
so, it is now absolutely official. I have purchased my plane tickets and they are nonrefundable. Im going to Jordan, for better or for worse.

list of what i have yet to do:

1-Doctor's visit for inoculations and getting forms filled out
2-bugging people for my damned passport
3-packing up my apartment
4-putting together what I'm taking with me
5-try desperately to find funding for this last year of school.

my departure date is August the 25th and my return date is December 16th. Im flying out of JFK airport and its a straight shot to amman.

i think im a bit terrified right now.




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