Hello lovely friends!

So I was thinking...I have quite a few friends here...I was also thinking...these friends must wear clothes. And by clothes I mean sweaters, or various other yarn based items. I also figured that people get rid of sweaters pretty regularly. Then it hit me...a REVELATION! YARN!

So, this is an open request, to any of you who may have sweaters you are getting rid of, or that you hold onto for no reason, or that you like if only they were something else. If you give me your sweaters, I can make you pretty things from them.

So before you toss those old yarn based garments, please think of me...and my addiction.

From: [identity profile] etain.livejournal.com

The hippie in me loves the idea of recycling yarn like that.

I wish I had a sweater.

I wish I had a sweater period. They are stylish.

From: [identity profile] majiyck.livejournal.com

yarn? i will looks for teh yarnzors for teh you! i dunno ifs i has swetters or not, but i be lookin for teh swetters at teh thrifty shops for teh yarnzors for teh you!

From: [identity profile] bluestareyed.livejournal.com

can you do me a favor? try to stick to natural fibers if you do that? half acrylic or less is okay. Big buttons are also awesome :D



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