After a hiatus, of sorts, at the "real blog" , I'm back at it :D and I'm mostly angry :D

I have also made a somewhat executive decision to stop posting my rambly, issue-oriented posts here and to keep that to the blogger account and just link the posts here.

Nothing annoys me like blatant, willful ignorance.

My own takedown of the Amazon debacle and the subsequent reactions, excuses and why this event matters.

I am not a fan of Seth Rogan or his "same shit, different generation" style of film-making.

Why do people flip the fuck out when I talk about rape?

Who is held responsible for the actions of the privileged? I'll give you a hint, its not the ones who actually acted.

I lit my candle for Angie, in the hope that I can be better at ending the attitudes that lead to death and discrimination of transpeople.
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